Lamb Of God’s seventh studio album Resolution was released this past Tuesday, and it’s pretty much no secret that we (along with almost every metal fan) are hoping to see the album top Billboard’s top 200 in its first week. It’s a feat that their last album Wrath narrowly missed, instead debuting at #2. So with so much hype for them and the album, it’s really not too hard to imagine Lamb Of God debuting at #1 next week. That’s why we’re disappointed by HITS Daily Double’s early projection.

Based on one day sales reports,trade website Hits Daily Double estimates that Lamb Of God’s sales will be in the 50,000-55,000 range. Don’t get us wrong, that’s extremely impressive for a band as heavy as them AND considering the current state of the industry. However, it’s still likely won’t be enough to dethrone Adele’s 21 from the top of the charts for its 18th non-consecutive week. But there’s still time to change this…

While we’re sure many of the band’s loyal fans have already bought the album, we want to plead with those metal fans who haven’t purchased a copy. Listen, we’ve got nothing against Adele, we all need a good cry to “Someone Like You” once in a while. But how awesome would it be to actually have a true heavy album in the #1 slot?! Need more incentive to buy the album? Well, Resolution is a fucking fantastic album, so at least it’ll be a good investment. With no disrespect to Metallica, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold and the other loud rock bands that have topped the charts, this would be the heaviest album to do it since Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven back in 1994.

So if you’re one of the few who haven’t picked up Resolution, go to a record store and buy a copy or order it via Amazon (and if our word isn’t good enough, sample it on Spotify and then buy it). Let’s help Lamb Of God debut at #1!