Would you buy a Buckcherry sex toy?

Posted by on November 10, 2014

crazybitchIt’s been eight years since Buckcherry’s comeback single “Crazy Bitch.” Featuring the stirring chorus “Hey, you’re a crazy bitch, but you fuck so good I’m on top of it,” it was a hit at strip clubs and with feminists alike. While that song might not have resonated all that much in pop culture closing in on a decate, it’s apparently been enough to convince someone to give the band a line of adult products. Crazy Bitch Toys has been launched with partner Doc Johnson to produce a line of products that includes vibrators, lube, butt plugs, and a couples sex kit.

They have two products so far – the “All Night Long Pleasure Cock” and “The Truth Tattoo Care Kit.” The first is kind of self explanatory. The second isn’t really even sex-related. It’s a kit that features tattoo balm, tattoo cleanser, and moisturizing tattoo lotion. Perfect for that tramp stamp. It should be noted that the band are currently touring behind their EP, Fuck, so that kind of ties in to what they’re doing. The product line actually launched back in August, but this is the first we’re hearing about it.


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