If you were in New York this past week, you might have noticed some people that looked even stranger than normal. That’s because the New York Comic Con took place, bringing thousands of cosplayers, comic book geeks, and pop culture junkies to New York’s Javitz Center. The Village Voice asked some comic creators where the heroes they write and draw would hang out if in New York. Surprisingly, Brooklyn metal bar/club Saint Vitus made the cut as a spot that a hero would hang at. Even more surprisingly, that hero is Wonder Woman:

“Wonder Woman would hang out at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. It’s a heavy metal bar; if you read our book, she’s a metalhead. It’s a great place to see shows, and it’s got great decorations and great drinks, so I think she’d hang out there. She likes the energy of it. I can’t figure out whether she’s into the GWAR stuff, or the speed metal — she’s probably more into speed metal. There’s something cathartic about it.”
— Artist Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Neil Young’s Greendale)

Well, that’s certainly interesting. We can’t say we’ve been following Wonder Woman, but it’s pretty cool to hear that she’s a metalhead in the books. We’re sure GWAR would love to have her as a fan. Trust us, if Wonder Woman was hanging out at Saint Vitus, we’d notice.  Even if she doesn’t hang out there, you should be there next Wednesday (22) from 3-6pm when we present a free screening of Scott Ian’s Swearing Words in Glasgow DVD.