Suicide Silence self-titled album is probably one of the most talked about albums of 2017. Fans still can’t get over their cleaner direction and have been trolling the band with excessive backlash since they first heard “Doris.” We have expressed on a handful of occasions that we like their change and enjoyed seeing them break stuff at recent shows. Frankly, we’re more taken aback by Linkin Park’s pop transformation.

However, Reeder, founder of Metal Addicts, has no interest in Suicide Silence or their new direction. In fact, he’s extremely bitter by how drummer Alex Lopez initially reacted to his fans after receiving disappointing comments on social media. Bitter to the point of burning his free copy of the album.

He stated that he received the record as a gift and asked if he should burn it. Shortly after, his decision went public and he published a video of himself burning the brand new vinyl. Many would feel that setting a record on fire is a sacrilege, but Reeder shared a disclaimer in defense of his actions:

“Before you watch the video, I just want you all to know that I would never done anything like this to any band or artist, no matter how bad album they put on, but after seeing what things Alex Lopez said to his fans who disliked the first single I lost all my respect to them.”

We’re sure the band would react by saying that once someone buys an album, they’re free to do what they want with it. Even set it on fire if it’s jokingly gifted to someone that hates it. Since he muted the video since he said “there were a bunch of people in front of me yelling,” maybe you can crank up the new album while watching it burn.