Vocalist Tommy Karevik has announced his departure from the Swedish progressive metal outfit Seventh Wonder. Karevik, a member of Kamelot since 2012, released a statement via social media earlier today (12th), stating:

“Dear friends and Seventh Wonder supporters around the world. Tommy here. Respectfully, if I could please have a few minutes of your time. There’s no easy way to say what I am about say, so I will just come out and say it… Moving forward, I will no longer be the singer of Seventh Wonder. Man… I knew this was going to be very hard, but it was so much harder than I thought actually putting the pen to the paper… Seeing the words written down makes me more than a little emotional. I love the music we’ve made. I love my brothers in the band and I am so incredibly proud of everything we’ve managed to create for ourselves during the last 18 something years. Organically, we fought for our own little piece of real estate in the prog metal universe, put a fence around it and called it our own. Unique and uplifting progmetal with catchy choruses. Playful, poppy melodies and raw emotion. Someone once said we sounded like “Europe on steroids”… I loved that description so that one stuck with me. We were all boys that grew to be men alongside each other. Through celebrations and tragedies we supported each other. Some became fathers and husbands. Many of the absolute best moments and memories, not only in music but in life in general, we shared together. Nothing will ever take that away or diminish the importance of that for me.

I am a relentlessly stubborn person… I don’t consider myself a quitter… I don’t give up.. However I think it is important to understand when it is best to move on for the sake of your own progress and wellbeing as well as for the people around you. To move on is simply making room for the new things you want in life. That being said, I feel like I have done my part as a singer, writer and coproducer of Seventh Wonder. I have said what I wanted to say. I have spent all my energy, countless hours of blood sweat and tears, and poured my heart and soul into this band since day one, and It couldn’t have been any other way. It is just the way I am wired. But everything has a time and a place and it’s time for me to let my creativity and energy flow in a different direction. Bottom line is that we only have one life. That is true for everyone and I feel like I need to make room for all the music that I still have inside me. Music that makes me happy and that not yet have had an outlet. It is the best and most honest way I can contribute to the world. It’s a new chapter of my life, and one that I am very excited about. Seventh Wonder is definitely a part of my identity and that’s never going to change.

I am so thankful that I got to be a part of the SW journey. Thankful to my bandmates for taking me in and believing in me all those years ago, and thankful for everything that it led to. It has very much shaped me into who I am today. We sure have come a long way from that moldy stamp of a rehearsal space in Ulvsunda, and my somewhat unconventional audition of “Stad i ljus”. And we did it as a band… Together. Lastly, I am thankful for all the beautiful friends and supporters that we, as a band, have had the honor of meeting along the way. Unconditional love is the best way I can describe it. Always there on the sidelines cheering us on, even through periods of time when there was seemingly very little to cheer for. You are some of the finest and most patient fans in the world and you are a huge reason to why this is so hard to write. So goodnight, but not goodbye. Rest assured that you will be hearing a lot more from both me and SW in the future, as we will all keep following our hearts in pursuit of happiness through the arts. There is no bad blood between me and the rest of the band as we keep being the best of friends, and I wish nothing but success and happiness for the guys moving forward. Thanks for listening. I Love you all, and I hope to have your continued support and understanding. With gratitude. Tommy”


Seventh Wonder added:

“Dear fans and friends, Tommy is leaving Seventh Wonder. Wow. It feels incredibly strange to write these words – that Tommy is no longer a part of the band. As you can see in his press release he has decided to leave SW because he can’t devote the time he would want to the band. We all know his heart and character, and that he never does anything half-assed. If he needs to move on to make room for other activities, then we appreciate that it would cause too much frustration to stay. Four eager fellas banging on the door to move faster doesn’t make it easier either… We are so impressed with Tommy and everything he has achieved, we love him dearly and as a band fully support this decision. We do wish to be clear though, that there is nothing we would want more than to have Tommy in the band giving it 100%. The five us are brothers and we all love each other so much and feel such pride over all we have created, achieved and experienced. Him leaving isn’t a surprise to us, but still sad beyond belief to see the end of an era.

For almost 20 years he has been an incredibly important part of what makes the band stand out and his genius is undisputed. Tommy’s playful approach to music combined with an uncanny sense of melody helped us find our way and create our own sound. It is impossible to overstate the importance he has had on our sound and in redefining the genre of progressive metal music. There is quite honestly no one like him. We, the remaining members of Seventh Wonder, are 100% dedicated to keep on doing what we are doing. We are already writing songs for the next album and feel passionate about the new material and look at the future with great anticipation, hope and faith. In parallel with writing new material, we will immediately start to look for a worthy successor, to join us in the studio and on stage and grab the mike and lead the way into the next chapter of SW history. We encourage anyone, known or unknown, who would want to be a part of this journey and who has what it takes, to reach out to us.

Thank you so much for all your support and love for the band. We ask you to keep supporting Tommy and his future endeavors and that you also keep supporting us. While we certainly encourage you to keep on celebrating all the music we have created in the past, we ask you to also dare to look optimistically towards the future and join us to find out what that future will be! Good luck, Tommy, we love you bro! People, get ready for SW mark IV! //Seventh Wonder, June 2023.”


Seventh Wonder, originally formed in Stockholm in 2000, released their debut album, Become, in 2005 with “Become.” The following year, their sophomore effort, Waiting In The Wings, introduced Karevik as the vocalist. The band continued to achieve success with the concept album Mercy Falls in 2008 and The Great Escape in 2010. Following Karevik’s recruitment to Kamelot, Seventh Wonder took a hiatus and returned to the surface in 2018 with the album Tiara, followed by 2022’s The Testament.