Testament bassist Steve DiGiorgio has tested positive for COVID-19. This is the latest member from the Bay Area Strikes Back European tour with Exodus and Death Angel to test positive as we recently heard about frontman Chuck Billy as well as Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. DiGiorgio’s test results were revealed by Billy during a recent discussion with Joshua Toomey of Diabolus In Podcastica

Billy explained: 

“Steve, our bass player, just tested on Thursday, he got his results back, and they’re positive. And that’s after a couple of weeks of being sick. So it made us think, ‘Are we still contagious?’, even though the doctors and the CDC [Centers For Disease Control And Prevention] told us that, ‘Go ahead and go to the store. Go out. Wear a mask.’ But you just don’t know. We don’t know if we’re ill or not.”


In other news, Death Angel drummer Will Carroll, who was reported being in ICU on a ventilator, is currently recovering. According to Blabbermouth, Carroll who reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, issued an update from the hospital stating how he was in a coma for twelve days and is finally recovering: 

“‘Rumors of my death have greatly been exaggerated’. I thought I’d start this post with a Mark Twain quote. But in all seriousness I can’t over express how everyone’s outpouring of love, support and positive energy was so important to me. Without getting too spiritual or sappy I honestly think you saved my life.

When I was in a coma I was for 12 days your positive energy somehow got me through. I know I’m strong and resilient but not that strong. During my coma the doctors told me they had to pump my lungs of all fluid which was the equivalent of 5 pounds of beer they thought I was a goner for sure.

It’s a hell of feeling talking to people who thought you weren’t going to make it. It completely blew my mind when I got a message from one of my idols Jay Jay French from [Twisted Sister]. A man who I don’t even know. Maybe he saw a picture of my TS tattoo. That just shows he’s pure class.

You know when I was a kid I used to think TS’s lyrics were ‘Fuck you, it’s us against them’ but maybe that’s a bit shortsighted I think they’re more about the value of life and not squandering it.

As I start this new chapter of my life I look forward to getting my chops back up to speed and getting some new files from Mr. Rob Cavestany which will eventually be DA’s 10 record. Until then I have the arguas task of Learning to walk and eat solid food.

I love you all and thank you.”

Death Angel also provided an update on Carroll:

“BEASTMAN LIVES! We are so fucking grateful! Thanks to every one of you beautiful people for the positive vibes and support. We love us some Will Carroll!!!!”