Spotify playlist: Obituary’s Donald Tardy’s Pre-gig warm-up song list

Posted by on October 31, 2014

Obituary returned earlier this week with Inked In Blood, their first album in five years and first on Relapse Records. It’s a return to form for the band, and one of their strongest records in years. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out, but since we like you, here’s where you can stream the album. You can buy it here as well.

With the new album out, the band have hit the road, and will be touring through the end of the year, with Carcass, Exhumed and Noisem through November 9 and then on the Death to All tour. You might be wondering what drummer Donald Tardy listens to before a gig to get psyched. Thankfully, he’s shared his “Pre-gig” warm up list with us. Whether you’re warming up for a gig of your own, or just pre-gaming for a night out, give this a listen, and if you want to really get in the Obituary spirit, add your face to their album cover here.

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