According to the BBC, Ian Watkins has been charged with possessing a cell phone in prison at HMP Wakefield. The former Lostprophets singer is currently serving a 35-year sentence after pleading guilty of 13 child sex offenses, including an attempted rape of a baby. Unfortunately, his time in prison doesn’t seem to phase him as he doesn’t seem to have any remorse after his hideous and disturbing acts.

Two years ago, Watkins was found grooming a 21-year-old mother from his high-security prison as the woman claimed she met him when she was an underage teenager. The woman also admitted that during one of her visits, Watkins made a heinous comment about her then two-year-old child to watch her have sex.  

As far as being caught with a cell phone in prison, Watkins pleaded not guilty. The 41-year-old appeared at Leeds Crown Court and pleaded not guilty to “one count of possessing an unauthorized item in prison.” Watkins is scheduled to stand trial on August 5th.