Former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins is currently spending 35-years in prison after pleading guilty of 13 child sex offenses, including an attempted rape of a baby. Despite having over 30 years left, it doesn’t look like a jail cell has helped the singer learn from his mistakes nor gain a single ounce of humanity. According to The Sun, Watkins was found to be grooming a 21-year-old mother from his high-security prison in Wakefield.

The woman first met Watkins when she was sixteen-years-old and during that time, she believed he was innocent. The woman started to communicate with Watkins back in 2016 and she visited him after receiving letters which he confessed his love for her and eventually suggested she should wear an engagement ring.

The woman admitted that during one of her visits, Watkins made a hideous comment about her two-year-old child watching her have sex. The mother promised she wouldn’t let Watkins near her daughter, however, authorities removed her child along with her laptop and cellphone.

A spokesman stated:

We’re sickened. It’s utterly bewildering that he could carry on grooming. It shows contempt for children he abused, and raises serious questions about supervision.”

The Sun stated that the woman is an unemployed single mom. When she visited Watkins, she discovered he put on a lot of weight and has gone grey with rotten teeth.

She revealed she was shocked when he asked her what she would do if her daughter, “came into the room during sex.”

Another report from the Sun also reveals that he is visited by a string of young goth fangirls. It’s no secret that this news is beyond disturbing. Additionally,  it’s obvious that this man is very sick who makes visitors feel uncomfortable. We can only hope security levels will increase on him and his actions.

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