Ozzy Osbourne on his recovery: “I cannot describe to you the helpless feeling that I had”

Posted by on August 21, 2019

This hasn’t been the best year for Ozzy Osbourne as majority of his touring plans for 2019 have been postponed due to complications of pneumonia. While we’ve seen updates on his road to recovery such as using CBD oil for pain management, the Prince of Darkness has expressed he was in complete agony during the beginning of his rehabilitation. 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the former Black Sabbath singer explained:

“For the first, say, four months, I was absolutely in agony. I was in agony beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life. It was awful. I’m taking physical and occupational therapy classes, but the progress is very slow. They say it’s going to take at least a year. I’m hoping that I’ll be okay and ready to go by January [when the tour resumes]. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed.”

While Ozzy was improving, he unfortunately fell out of bed one night and dislodged the metal rods in his back, which were placed during the surgery from his 2003 ATV accident. 

He added:

“When they do surgery on your neck, they cut through all the nerves, and it fucked everything up. So I’m wobbling all over the place. And since they cut through the nerves, my right arm feels permanently cold.”

As the discussion continued, Ozzy explained how helpless he was feeling while being cooped up in a hospital bed:

“I cannot describe to you the helpless feeling that I had. I had to use [a walker] to go for a pee. I had to have nurses, day and night. Just being in hospital is enough to drive you nuts. I thank God I didn’t paralyze myself when I had that accident. I wouldn’t be here now. I would have jumped off the fucking roof — or fell off the roof, whatever.”

Ozzy explained how he developed blood clots:

“The nurse told me, I have to be careful if I bang myself, because there’s a blood clot and all that shit. It’s scary stuff … From 40 [years old] to 70 was okay and suddenly you get to 70 and everything caved in on me.”


While studies show Ozzy Osbourne is a Genetic Mutant, the singer expressed how he’s looking forward to his upcoming North American and European Tour next year: 

“My date is January, I hope to fucking God, ’cause I’m gonna go fucking nuts. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed. It’s like making a sculpture. You chip away at it and it turns into this thing. You have to resculpture your life again.”



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