We knew that Meshuggah were in writing mode just a few months ago, working on an album to come out sometime in 2016. However, in a recent interview at the Sweden Rock Festival (below), guitarist Mårten Hagström revealed that their eighth studio album will be out later rather than sooner next year.

Said Hagström,

“I would say sometime next year, but not early. We were supposed to be writing all summer, but stuff happened, and now we’re doing this [playing at European festivals]. So, when we finish that off, we’re gonna be writing… The last show for this summer is late August in Gothenburg, so when we finish off there, we’re gonna go full writing mode again. And then hopefully we’ll write through the end of the year and then start recording early-ish next year.”

So maybe by summer of 2016 we’ll see the follow-up to Koloss, which came out in 2012. Their most recent release was their second live DVD, Ophidian Trek, which came out in September of last year and sold 1,575 copies in its first week of release.