New Lamb of God “sounds pretty monstrous”

Posted by on December 30, 2014

In a recent Noisey interview with Randy Blythe about his photography, the Lamb of God vocalist dropped a few hints of upcoming material.

Said Blythe:

“Lamb of God is playing a bunch of big gigs this year, and sooner or later we’ll write an album. What the guys have been writing sounds pretty monstrous thus far. In the immediate we’re going to Soundwave in Australia in February, which will be warm and awesome. It’ll be our third Soundwave. Going to Indonesia after that for a few days, hopefully I’ll get some time to surf. We’ll be doing some bigger gigs in the summer too.”

A new Lamb of God album in 2015 would maintain the band’s “every three years” release schedule since their previous two albums, Wrath (three years after Sacrament) in 2009 and Resolution in 2012. That’d be quite a feat since Blythe spent almost a year dealing with his arrest in Prague on manslaughter charges.

But we won’t hold our breath just yet. Blythe, responding to the assumption that a new album would come out in 2015, said back in September, “it will come out when it comes out, after it’s done & we are happy with it.”


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