New Black Dahlia Murder album isn’t over edited

Posted by on May 21, 2015

According to social media postings from producer Mark Lewis and Ryan Williams of Augmented Audio, The Black Dahlia Murder have completed recording their seventh full-length album.

Lewis commented on Instagram on the drum recording process:

“We could’ve made it perfect and locked it all to the grid and sampled every drum to death but @augmentedaudio and I didn’t. This is the Black Dahlia being fucking Black Dahlia. It’s the band on fire, like they are live, and it rips… I think that takes balls to have that confidence in yourself when so many bands and producers are just over editing the shit out of themselves and being so untrue to who they are as musicians. Have your identity, have your sound and DO that shit. Don’t let someone tell you otherwise either, because bands with identity sell records and have respect. Bands with a good editor and someone else’s drum samples always get exposed in some way.”

For last year’s Black Friday Record Store Day The Black Dahlia Murder released ‘Grind ‘Em All,’  a 3-song 7″  featuring covers from grind bands Left for Dead, Sedition, and Gyga. The Black Dahlia Murder’s last studio album, Everblack, came out in 2013 and debuted at #32 on the Billboard charts, with 13,025 sold in its first week.

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