Metal horns emoji coming to smartphones !,,!

Posted by on June 20, 2015

I’ve been using the combination of characters !,,! as a symbol for rock & roll and heavy metal since I began listening to that style of music back in high school. Now we are on the cusp of replacing those four characters with an official cartoony image of a hand throwing up the horns.  Whether it be talking about your favorite band, recommending something to a friend, or just plain showing your 24/7 dedication to the music, you can be assured that this is a welcome addition to my communications. You can find the rest of the new additions here.

Plus, what’s more fitting than pairing my new favorite emoji with the also new “place of worship” emoji for when I hit up one of the many churches turned concert venues around Pittsburgh?

For a short history on the origin of the horns, check out the interview below with Ronnie James Dio.





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