London’s heavy metal masters, Iron Maiden, have release another short video clip teasing “Belshazzar’s Feast.” Watch the clip below. The story of the writing on the wall from the Bible, Balshazzar’s Feast was emblazoned on a t shirt worn by Bruce Dickinson during an interview earlier this year, at which time the singer, talking about Iron Maiden’s future, said, “I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s right in front of you.” The numerous teases have been speculated to be about the next Maiden record which would be the band’s 17th offering. Writing on the Wall is the title that most fans are assigning to this mysterious new Iron maiden album. In May of 2019 there were reports of all band members being in Paris at the same time, which would indicate work on a new record as 2015’s Book of Souls was recorded in Paris.