Intervals guitarist recovering after heart surgery

Posted by on February 6, 2015

Fans of the Canadian progressive metal band Intervals can exhale now – guitarist Aaron Marshall just had successful heart surgery. Aaron was recently at NAMM, where he gave GearGods a video interview in the PRS Guitar booth. He looked in good spirits just a short bit ago, so hopefully this wasn’t any kind of emergency procedure.

From an update by Aaron on the band’s Facebook page:

“As some of you may know, I underwent heart surgery this week. I didn’t want to post about it on here prior to the procedure, for fear of alarming everyone, as something like that can be a bit unsettling. The good news is, everything is fine and I’m recovering quickly and feeling better every day. It was by far, the most challenging and terrifying thing I’ve ever had to endure, but at the same time, its experiences like this, that make you appreciate life and everything about it. Now that this is behind me, I can finally move forward, clear headed and inspired, with writing for our next release. I know a lot of you are still wondering about whether or not we will be moving forward with a vocalist or not, and we’ll be addressing this very soon. What you can expect, (as promised), is an instrumental re-release of AVW and some clips and bits as we begin to assemble new music. This is an opportunity for us to explore some new directions, take chances, and evolve. We’re all very excited and can’t wait to start digging in.”

The band put out A Voice Within just this past November, their first release to feature vocals.



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