Ian Watkins (ex-Lostprophets) denies phone found in his ass belongs to him

Posted by on August 6, 2019

Ian Watkins (ex-Lostprophets frontman) concealed a cell phone in order to contact a woman illegally in prison. This past March, Watkins plead not guilty to, “one count of possessing an unauthorized item in prison” as he was then scheduled to stand trial for yesterday (5th). The former Lostprophets singer is currently serving a 35-year sentence after pleading guilty of 13 child sex offenses, including an attempted rape of a baby. Watkins is currently at the high-security HM Prison Wakefield, in Wakefield, England as yesterday (5th) he faced trial for his next offense: illegal possession of a cell phone.    

Leeds Crown Court heard that Watkins produced the 8cm long GT Star phone back in March 2018 after a strip search. 

According to the Independent, Prosecutor Stephen Wood said the following to the jury: 

“He reached in his underwear towards his anus. After about 10 seconds the defendant produced a small white telephone. You will understand that this must have been inserted into his anus.”

A small phone charger was later found in Watkin’s cell. 

Despite the findings, Watkins continued to deny the charges as he informed the police his life was threatened by other prisoners to conceal the device for them.

Wood commented:

“He said his life had been threatened. He told police he had been threatened with being slashed.”

The court heard Watkins describing his fellow inmates who threatened him that they were “serious guys” as other prisoners wanted him to call “his groupies” to send money.

Wood argued that the phone had been used to contact a woman named Gabriella Persson and later revealed she had known Watkins from when she was 19 and a fan of the band. Persson has stopped all communication with Watkins in 2012. However, it resumed in 2016. 

Persson appeared in court and expressed how she did receive a text message back in March 2018 from an unrecognized phone number stating: “Hi Gabriella-ella,-ella-eh-eh-eh,” which was a reference to the song “Umbrella,” by Rihanna. Apparently, this exchange between Watkins and Persson was used before. Persson continued to share a few text exchanges that she received under the same phone number with “It’s the devil on your shoulder,” and “I’m trusting you massively with this.” 

The Independent has also reported from defense lawyer Gareth Burrows, Persson said there were only two calls using the phone and denied speaking to anyone else using that number. She also mentioned how none of the calls involved money nor threats. 

The trial continues.

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