Huntress not remaining Static, announce new album

Posted by on June 15, 2015

huntressIt’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Huntress, but the band, led by Jill Janus, have announced that their third album, Static, will be released on Napalm Records on September 25. The California band recorded the album with Paul Fig (Alice in Chains, Deftones, Trivium) and Fireball Ministry guitarist Jim Rota. The album, their third, is already available for pre-order, where you can also hear a preview of a song, “Flesh.” The song sounds a little more commercial than what we’d come to expect from their first two albums, but still maintains an edge.

“The evolution of Huntress bleeds into Static our third and most prolific album. It is the heaviest and catchiest record we’ve written. The process of writing and recording was new and exciting, at times very difficult for all involved, having to record in between relentless touring. Never have I been so honest in my approach to songwriting; I reveal life-long personal obstacles that I previously feared weaving into my lyrics. I’m so pleased to reveal the cover art for Static by my treasured art warlock Vance Kelly. Hail Heavy Metal!”

As Janus says, Vance Kelly did the artwork for the album once again, having done it for the first two albums as well. You’ll get a chance to see the band play if you’re heading out on the Motorboat cruise. The band have launched a PledgeMusic campaign for presales of the album. Go there to see a fun promotional video the band put together, and pick up the album, which will unlock exclusive streaming content from the band as they get ready to release the album.

Here’s the track listing for Static, which might include a Mastodon song as a bonus track.

I Want To Wanna Wake Up
Four Blood Moons
Harsh Times On Planet Stoked
Noble Savage
Fire In My Heart
Bonus track: Black Tongue
Bonus track: Vultures Can Wait (7″ vinyl exclusive)

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