Greta Thunberg responds to Swedish death metal mashup video

Posted by on September 30, 2019

Climate activist, Greta Thunberg is still making headlines as the sixteen-year-old’s UN speech morphed into a Swedish death metal track has now exceeded three million views. The video was posted by YouTube channel John Mollusk, who happens to be John Meredith, the drummer for the NYC-based Indonesian thrash act Suaka. 

Greta has officially watched the viral clip as she responded with the following:

“I have moved on from this climate thing… From now on I will be doing death metal only!!”

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone caught up Meredith, the creator of the video and explained why he mashed her “very impressed” speech into a brutal tune:

“When I saw her speech, I was very impressed by her passion and outrage. And the words she chose just evoked the darkness of the metal music I love: Entombed, Gojira, At the Gates, Sepultura.”

Meredith also clarified that he didn’t create the video to make fun of her as he agrees with Thunberg’s message:

“I guess I didn’t really have a specific intent other than to turn her brutal words into a metal song. My personal stance is that individuals need to do their part to strive to conserve and preserve our environment

Teen angst can be a powerful and important driving force in society, for instance the Arab spring. But there is an element of satire and levity regarding the tone and the music. I mean, I have never sung like that before in my life. I think humor and [positive mental attitude] can be at least as powerful as anger and outrage, and there is a place for both.”

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