Metal Hammer has brilliantly displayed, for those who are unaware, death metal isn’t as “scary” as one would think. With bands such as Cattle Decapitation and Carcass, their music is more of an expression tool used to fight against subjects such as animal cruelty and the meat industry. With that being said, climate activist Greta Thunberg, presented an incredible speech at the U.N Climate Action Summit in New York City on Monday (23rd). The Swedish sixteen-year-old skipped school to travel across “the pond” to make sure her message was heard. And it was as the headlines continue to roll in

YouTuber John Mollusk has now morphed Thunberg’s heartbreaking speech (read the transcript here) into a crushing Swedish death metal song.

Watch the version below:


John Mollusk is also part of the NYC-based Indonesian thrash act, Suaka. The group are bringing Burgerkill on their first U.S tour in October. Check out the dates here