Get ready to mosh at Toledo Death Fest 2023 with Oceano, The Convalescence, VCTMS, Incite, and more!

Posted by on February 23, 2023

Photo by Oleg Bogdan


Prepare for the most extreme mosh pit tornado to hit Toledo, Ohio. Toledo Death Fest is set to return on June 3rd, 2023. Hosted at Mainstreet Bar in Toledo, OH, this year’s festival features an impressive lineup of headliners, including Oceano, The Convalescence, VCTMS, Incite, and many more.

Founded in 2009 by Keith Wampler, the frontman of The Convalescence and owner of The Legend Agency, Toledo Death Fest has become a pilgrimage for extreme metal fans living in the Midwest. The festival has showcased the talents of some of the best up-and-coming metal bands in the region, and past editions have seen support from well-known artists such as Jungle Rot, Malevolent Creation, The Breathing Process, and Casket Robbery, among many others. Toledo Death Fest promises to be an unforgettable experience for extreme metal fans. With a lineup that will leave you deafened, and an atmosphere leaving you breathless, this is not a festival for the faint of heart. 


Festival organizer Keith Wampler comments:

“I am very happy to be able to bring Toledo Deathfest back in 2023 with one of the most insane lineups we’ve ever had. This festival has come from being local bands at small venues to a two-stage festival featuring bands from around the country thanks to the incredible support of everyone who attends each year. Thank you to everyone who has supported Toledo Deathfest and I look forward to seeing everyone again on June 3rd!” 


Check out the lineup below and order tickets here:

Toledo Death Fest 2023 promises to bring an extreme metal extravaganza. Get ready for headbanging madness with:

Oceano (Chicago, IL) – deathcore

The Convalescence (Toledo, OH) – symphonic deathcore

VCTMS (Streamwood, IL) – metalcore/hardcore

Incite (Phoenix, AZ) – groove/thrash metal

Hive (Chicago, IL) – death metal

Carrion Vael (Richmond, IN) – blackened death metal

WoR (Raleigh, NC) – melodic death metal

Within Chaos (Fort Worth, TX) – groove metal

The D.O.O.D (Sarasota, FL) – experimental metal

Squidhammer (Watertown, WI) – grindcore

Filth Spewer (South Bend, IN) – deathgrind

Ignominious (Norwalk, OH) – death metal

Cephlic (Toledo, OH) – technical death metal

Death Hex (Toledo, OH) – black metal

Pharohound (Fort Wayne, IN) – death/doom metal

Extinction Agenda (Ohio) – thrash/death metal


From the blistering blast beats of Oceano to the crushing breakdowns of VCTMS and the melodic riffs of WoR, there’s something for every metalhead at Toledo Death Fest 2023. 


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