Former Threatin drummer issues statement

Posted by on November 13, 2018

As the Threatin debacle continues to unravel, former drummer, Dane Davis, of the disgraced ego project has made a statement. Davis re addressed the issue on having no idea what mess he got himself into, consisting of Jered Threatin fooling venues, purchasing social media likes, etc., stating:

“None of this should have happened. I just wanted first and foremost to let everyone know that Joe and Gavin and I had no idea. We were blindsided by everything that came up on Friday. Joe and Gavin are great people, very talented musicians. It’s shocking and we’re trying to wrap our heads around what happened.”

I know that there’s a lot of questions right now. I myself have questions. Honestly, it’s such a surreal, strange thing that has happened with this tour.”


The “band” has also expressed their sadistic pleasure by continuing to seek attention as the updates continue:

While Threatin’s Facebook is currently active, you can check out a few questionable comments suggesting they are generated from bots.

Here are a few:

“Amazing show , Honestly haven’t been this blown away since I’ve seen the original line up of SmashMouth”

“These interviews are getting me geared up to see Threatin again LIVE! Release the new tour dates already!!!!”


For anyone who’s currently in the Los Angeles area, feel free to confirm if his album exists at Amoeba Music:

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