Former members of Every Time I Die hit studio together to record new music

Posted by on November 16, 2022


It has been less than a year since Buffalo, NY metalcore band Every Time I Die broke up. However, a handful of the band’s former members are already getting back together to record new music

On Tuesday (15), guitarist Jordan Buckley posted videos from GCR Audio, a recording studio in Buffalo, NY, where he, bassist Stephen Micciche and drummer Clayton “Goose” Holyoak are working on a new project with producer Will Putney (Body Count, Every Time I Die). Buckley captioned the series of videos, 

“Day 1. We fucked around and found out. We even found out and THEN fucked around. This was the day I had to visualize in order to get myself out of bed during all the months that depression was both big and little spoon. I am so very grateful and thankful to have another opportunity to make music with and for people I love. My shoulder strap now has a chip on it, and since I haven’t been able get it off yet I might as well use it for motivation. We need as much as we can get since this whole operation is being self funded. Scary shit in this economy, but we believe in ourselves and each other so we’ll definitely be on stage asap as possible. Maybe you’ll be there. If so, thank you. You’re gonna fucking love our songs. Thoughts become things, and I can’t stop thinking about you stage diving to these nasty ass drum fills @gooseshoes has been laying down! ❤️ Peace and love peace and love. Go Bills.”

Jordan Buckley has been hinting at a new project for months. Back in March, Buckley posted a photo of the group plus guitarist Andy Williams rehearsing together. 

There is no word on if Williams, who is also a wrestler in the AEW, is still involved in the group’s sessions. It is also unclear as to who will be providing vocals for the new project. 

Every Time I Die unexpectedly broke up in December 2021 due to growing tensions between frontman Keith Buckley and the rest of the band. In January 2022, both parties released statements explaining their sides of the story. The band’s final album, ‘Radical,’ was released in October 2021.




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