Disturbed’s David Draiman praises bandmate Dan Donegan’s anti-“cancel culture” guitar

Posted by on July 7, 2022


Disturbed frontman David Draiman didn’t hold back his opinion yesterday (6th) when he shared on social media about being “proud” of his bandmate, Dan Donegan’s new anti-cancel culture guitar. The fresh-designed guitar from Schecter Guitars features “Cancel Culture,” displayed similarly to the iconic Coca-Cola logo, where instead of using the word “enjoy,” the word “fuck” is displayed at the top, reading entirely as “Fuck cancel-culture.” According to Blabbermouth, on Donegan’s personal Facebook page, he introduced his new guitar as:

“The new addition to my arsenal! Thank you Marc LaCorte Matt Chewy Dezynski Schecter Guitars #FuckCancelCulture Disturbed.”

Draiman chimed in by sharing a picture of the guitar on Twitter along with the following comment:

“@DanDoneganGtr ‘s new guitar. I couldn’t be more proud @Disturbed.”


View Draiman’s Tweet below:


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