Destruction’s Schmier discusses guitarist Mike Sifringer’s absence

Posted by on August 5, 2021

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Destruction frontman Schmier has made it known that original guitarist Mike Sifringer has left the band. He took to social media and had this to say,

“Yes, Corona goes weird ways. I have received several messages (asking) why we have played with a different guitarist in Austria at Area 53 Festival and I understand your concern. As much as I know, Mike is doing ok. Thanks for writing and asking! Well, he is not really answering my emails; communication is difficult at this point, so I’m not sure how he is doing. There was a problem that led to the decision to carry on without him for now and there will be a statement in August explaining the situation.

I am in this weird situation to lead the band in difficult Covid times. We have been very productive and have already recorded the new album and are fully confident & ready for the festivals coming up. Please understand that this is a super difficult situation for me and we will release the statement when all things are sorted and clear (planned is August 19th for this). Nevertheless, Destruction will continue to Thrash till Death.

Sorry about these uncomfortable news, it was not my decision. He decided to leave the band. Please stay tuned for the official statement ASAP!”

Watch the video of Schmier speaking with Metal Pilgrim on August 3rd, Schmier expressed what he knew.

“He disconnected from the band some months ago already. It means we went to the studio and recorded a new album, and he just didn’t come. We did demo sessions, writing new songs, and he didn’t come to write songs with us. After I tried to face him with the problems, he disappeared and he kind of disconnected with us. There’s definitely some deeper problems I don’t know (about) yet. We’ll still give him a little time, until August 19th, until we have the press release.

We’re not gonna stop. Mike is a founding member, and he was always important for the band, but if he doesn’t wanna do this anymore I cannot help him. And I also cannot look behind the curtain. Nobody can be forced to do what you wanna do. For me, it’s disappointing in one way. It’s also shocking, but I’ve been in this business for too long. I know those things can happen. I always told him we’re not gonna close the door on him. It’s his decision and we’ll see what happens.”


Watch the full interview below.


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