Over the last few days, Deftones have been sharing teasers, which makes us believe the new album will be announced (hopefully) sometime this week. According to Deftones fans, they seem to have solved the mystery from these videos. The PRP reports, the first letter of each song the group has been sharing lyrics to on social media could spell out the album title as many suspect the follow-up to 2016’s Gore will be OHMS, rumored to arrive on September 25th. The first clip shared lyrics to “One Weak,” second, “Hexagram,” and the latest tease from today (18th) with lyrics for the song “Minerva.” While some speculate it’s to promote the group’s complete collection on Spotify, others believe they solved the clue that we will hopefully get to hear a new single and a hopeful album reveal before this week comes to an end.


Check out the latest tease below:


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