Deftones’ anticipated new album to tentatively arrive by 2024

Posted by on September 21, 2023


Alternative metal giants Deftones have been discreetly crafting a new album throughout 2023, with a hopeful release slated for spring or summer 2024. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter shared this exciting update during an interview with Gnostic Academy, a YouTube channel associated with Gnosticism, a belief system that explores esoteric and mystical knowledge. It’s important to note that this Gnostic Academy does not seem to represent the beliefs of the Catholic Church or mainstream Christianity religious branches. Additionally, while some fringe groups within the broader spectrum of beliefs may hold unconventional views about the Earth’s shape, such beliefs are not reflective of Gnosticism as a whole. However, this channel appears to explore such scientifically disproven concepts, which is important to note endorsement of the channel’s beliefs is not implied in any way.

Now, on with the new album, Carpenter stated:


“In the last couple months, really two or three months, we… well maybe a little longer now, really. February is when we started. We’re starting to work on new material for a new record. It’s going good. It’s a little slow at first, but it always is. Dragging our feet ain’t nothing new. But we’ve got the stuff up and going now, and yeah. We’re on a good little momentum at the moment and we hope to have it all done and out by next spring or summer. I mean, there’s no official date yet but that’s our goal.”


Carpenter further disclosed that Deftones are reuniting with producer Nick Raskulinecz (known for his work with Rush, Mastodon, Alice In Chains, etc.), who had previously collaborated with the band on Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan, expressing:


“Everything stems from us just jamming out some ideas, messing around. Someone comes up with something that maybe someone else or everyone else likes, and then we focus in on that for a little bit. That’s what Nick’s great at doing, too. He’s good at… well we could just sit and jam aimlessly and plow through idea after idea without even stopping to recognize ’em. He’s great at saying ‘that idea is really cool. Let’s try that. Let’s try to work on that for a minute, and then that other idea might be really cool with that one. Let’s try putting them together’ and stuff like that. So that’s what’s awesome about him. He’s like a an unofficial band member at that point. He’s good at giving us direction where we don’t normally do that well on our own.”


Notably, the follow-up to 2020’s Ohms will mark the band’s first release without bassist Sergio Vega, who played on their previous four albums and left the band in 2021. While Fred Sablan has been filling in for Vega during Deftones’ live performances, the band has not officially announced a permanent replacement.




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