Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany is bored of ‘Bored’

Posted by on April 21, 2014


Death Angel were just kids when their first album, The Ultra Violence, was released. And while their sophomore album, Frolic Through the Park, was the one that broke them open, it turns out that the signature song from it, “Bored,” is viewed as overrated, according to it’s author, Rob Cavestany. In an interview with Zena Metal, he talks about the song’s origins:

I wrote that riff as a joke.That song was never even going to be on Frolic, it was completely a joke. Friends of ours were like, “You have to put that song on your album!” At first we were laughing at the idea of it, like, “That’s not a metal song at all!” But then we did, and now it’s become the song that we get defined by. Its not my favorite song of ours, but I’m glad that we have at least something like that at all.

He also opened up about the band’s song “The Ultra Violence” being used in a commercial for Carl’s Jr.:

 I still haven’t gotten a free jalapeno turkey burger out of it [laughs], but seeing it on TV was such a kick. Everybody was blowing up my phone. I never got down to the bottom of why us and why that song. It seems pretty coincidental that we were touring for the 25th anniversary of our debut album, The Ultra-Violence. We re-released it and we were playing it beginning to end live.

I was with my parents, my wife and my kid watching the Golden Globes and they cut away to commercial, and that’s the commercial that came on! When it happened, it was a glorious moment in achievements…. My music being played on a Carl Jr.’s commercial!

It’s particularly interesting that when the band wrote the song in 1987, it not only wouldn’t have crossed their minds to use a 10-minute instrumental in a commercial, but that would’ve been viewed as selling out  at the time. You can read the rest of the interview here.

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