Cradle of Filth reveal title of their new album

Posted by on February 3, 2021


Cradle of Filth have revealed the title of their forthcoming 13th studio album: Existence Is Futile. No official release date has been revealed just yet but, the follow-up to 2017’s Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay was recorded at Grindstone Studios with producer Scott Adkins and the cover artwork was designed by Arthur Berzinsh. The group’s thirteenth record will feature a new keyboardist/backing singer, which the band will reveal at a later date. The record is scheduled to arrive later this year via Nuclear Blast.

Mastermind Dani Filth comments:

“The stunning new album is everything you can expect from the many shades of black that go to discolor a Cradle of Filth release and far, far, worse.” 


Cradle of Filth initially planned for a Halloween Livestream extravaganza. Unfortunately due to COVID, their plans got postponed to May 12th. Tickets are available at this location.


We spoke to Filth late last year as he gave us a few additional details about what to expect for album number thirteen;

“ I can’t give a sort of literal description of how it sounds, because I can’t really describe it, any album we do. Well for example, someone gave me some examples. They were Like, “well is it heavier? Is it more symphonic? Is it more…” They gave me a criteria list of different things and I was like, “yeah. Tick, tick, tick, tick.” They have all those things, slower and faster. It’s catchier and it’s longer, more involved. It’s a bit of everything. It’s very Cradle of Filth, but we have moved into different directions and places. But again, it’s very hard for me to describe that. I hate talking about our stuff. The whole point is it’s geared towards the listener and the listener should pick it out and listen to it and translate it as they see fit. I shouldn’t be sitting there explaining it so they can go and listen to it.”


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