Cobalt’s North American tour postponed due to foot injury

Posted by on June 8, 2017

Cobalt frontman Charlie Fell shattered his foot after their last gig in Poland on May 14th.  After a few weeks of negotiation, including debating if he should perform in a wheelchair, the group decided it’s best to postpone their upcoming North American Tour. The trek was supposed to start later this month and unfortunately, we do not know exactly when he will be ready. The band shared a statement and it looks like he needs to spend quite a few months to fully recover.

The band shared the following:

“We are disappointed to have to announce that the summer US Cobalt tour dates will have to be postponed due to a serious injury incurred on the Euro tour with Oranssi Pazuzu. At the end of the final show in Poznan, Poland, Charlie ran on the stage at the end of the Oranssi set, greeting the audience and sending a final farewell to all the fans for coming out to the shows. Someone from the audience reached out to hug him, and Charlie slipped off the stage, landing awkwardly with massive force on his left foot. He shattered his foot in multiple places and was rushed to a hospital in Poland. The Polish hospital, not having the most advanced technologies, told us that they may need to AMPUTATE Charlie’s foot!! We said Hell No, that is not an option. So we drove that night back to Berlin and admitted Charlie in a nicer German hospital. After extensive reconstructive surgery, Charlie needed to stay an extra week in Berlin and finally returned to the states last week. He will need several months of recovery time before he is even able to stand. We considered still doing the US tour with Charlie in a wheelchair, but the risk of further injury is far too high to justify this option.

So, for now we are sorry to announce that the current US tour dates for the summer will be canceled. The good news is that we will be postponing/rescheduling all of the dates for later this year, after Charlie is healed. So we will be playing all the same cities and venues, just at a later time. This is totally out of our hands, and we hope everyone understands and can make it out to the shows later this year.



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