According to WSET, insurance companies are currently investigating Blue Ridge Rock Festival organizers. The investigation follows the abrupt end of the festival last summer, claiming it was attributed to severe weather. Approximately 25 hours of testimony regarding the event and its cancellation have been completed. Jonathan Wilkofsky, the attorney handling the insurance claim, mentioned that a decision is pending from the insurance company, with no definitive timeframe given. Concertgoers are awaiting refunds from the 2023 festival, with Wilkofsky indicating that refunds will depend on the insurance claim resolution. The prolonged insurance claim process makes plans for a 2024 festival uncertain. Pre-sale tickets for 2024 were allegedly sold, but it remains to be seen who is holding the funds. These pre-sale tickets were featured on the festival’s website, leading to confusion. Wilkofsky clarified that the festival has not received any revenue from these pre-sale tickets. Blue Ridge Rock Festival has faced criticism for solely blaming the weather for the cancellation, despite reports of other issues.