Avatarium sign with AFM Records

Posted by on April 7, 2022


Swedish doom rockers Avatarium have signed with AFM Records. The group is currently working on their new album as guitarist Marcus Jidell comments:

“Avatarium are pleased to announce that we have started a collaboration with AFM Records, a record company where tradition and forward thinking coexist. Ever since the beginning we have been digging in the master’s chambers for inspiration but also working hard to cultivate our unique expression in contemporary heavy and doomy music. Our key words have always been “Dark, Heavy and Poetic”. To be able to let these words lead us, we need an open mind and free hands to explore music, emotions, transcendent experiences, Gods, Satans, light and shadow. After several meetings we felt that AFM Records is the company that will help us to reach higher levels and we feel very welcome and in good hands. This is a perfect start for the next chapter in the book of Avatarium!” 


AFM Records A&R Timo Hoffmann adds:

“We’ve followed Avatarium’s career since the beginning and were amazed by their quality, individual sound and artistic vision. These ingredients, combined with the stunning voice of Jennie-Ann Smith, create an irresistible mixture of doom metal and retro rock. Right away there was a great vibe and we‘re happy that Avatarium choose AFM Records as their new label home.“



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