August Burns Red have announced the return of Christmas Burns Red! The 2022 edition officially marks the third annual of the holiday extravaganza, which is set to take place on December 16th and 17th a the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, PA. August Burns Red will headline both nights, with the first night also being known for “Solid State Day,” featuring acts from Solid State Records. Details on tickets, lodging, and more information can be found at this location.  


The band comments:

“Christmas Burns Red is an event we’ve worked so hard to make better each year. This is our first year doing two days in Freedom Hall and we can’t wait to watch all these awesome and talented bands play across the weekend. These shows are always the highlight of ABR’s year. We look forward to making new memories with everyone in December!”


Daily Lineup;


December 16:

August Burns Red

Norma Jean

Silent Planet


Becoming the Archetype

Earth Groans


December 17:

August Burns Red


Shadow of Intent

Brand of Sacrifice

Invent Animate