Attila frontman issues statement about latest song

Posted by on October 23, 2014

Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak has taken to Twitter to speak about the band’s latest song, “Proving Grounds.” He issued the “public service announcement” via his personal Twitter account:

“The song #ProvingGrounds is about how when people doubt you, you should prove them WRONG. Turn their hatred into positivity! People have always talked shit to me my entire life & I’ve used it as a positive influence to work harder. People always tried to make me feel bad & call me a “faggot” but who’s the faggot now? Just take it for what it is, be positive and become the best you can be!”

Fronzak defended the use of the homophobic slur, saying, “If you think I’m homophobic in any way possible, you’re clearly either an idiot or you’re in a washed up band that nobody cares about,” and “I honestly wish the whole world was gay. The world would be a better place.”


The band recently lost guitarist Nate Salameh, who left the band to in a pursuit to stay sober. This about a month away from the release of the band’s sixth studio album, Guilty Pleasure, which comes out on November 24th.

(via, ThePRP)


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