Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz has completed work on her first solo album

Posted by on March 16, 2022

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Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz has finished her, brand new, solo album. While Arch Enemy will deliver their new album, Deceivers, to the masses on July 29th, White-Gluz will have her new solo record on Napalm Records released when she decides the time is right.

In a conversation with Cryptopsy‘s Matt McGachy for ‘Vox&Hops,’ White-Gluz spoke about her new solo record,

“It doesn’t really sound like Arch Enemy, actually. It’s still me, so it’s gonna sound a little bit like Arch Enemy, but it’s kind of different. I feel like it’s kind of an amalgam of that really interesting place that you’re at when you’re a beginner musician, because although I’m not a beginner vocalist or songwriter, I am a beginner guitarist — I’m very bad at guitar. So when I’m writing songs on guitar, I have an approach that is probably totally wrong, and that’s what, I think, makes it cool.

It’s different — it’s an unorthodox approach. I mean, I can still play it, but it’s not my main instrument, so when I’m writing riffs on a guitar, I’m writing like a vocalist writing riffs on a guitar. Some could argue that that’s kind of how Michael writes too, actually, because his riffs are so ‘sing-songy.’ But, yeah, so I wrote a bunch with Jeff and I wrote a bunch with a lot of other people, actually, which I don’t wanna spoil and announce them all now.

But there’s clean singing, there’s growling, of course, and other interesting vocal techniques with the note screaming and some operatic stuff. It’s a heavy album. I don’t know what genre to call it. It’s totally self-produced in that sense. It’s honest. It’s exactly what I just felt like writing for this. So there’s some prog elements, there’s some rock and roll elements, there’s a lot of metal in it, obviously. But, yeah, I’m really happy with it. So I hope that other people like it too, basically.”



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