How To Better Manage Your Business Payroll Checks

Posted by on September 28, 2021


Either you are the boss taking responsibility for the payroll calculation, or you are assigned to manage all the data and payroll history of the employees. Irrespective of who you are, as long as you have the same goal, by reading this article, you can get your payroll system on the right track. Opting for this job requires professional skills. In the case of inaccurate payroll estimations, the IRS has the power to impose massive penalties on businesses due to f errors. Furthermore, these penalties do multiply when the same mistake is repeated which can cause substantial loss to small businesses. Therefore, companies need to follow proper steps to ensure they have all the necessary proof and evidence to run their business successfully without having to deal with any restrictions and penalties.

Complete all the Legal Proceedings

Before starting a proper payroll schedule, you need to fulfill some legal documentation and follow a few steps to legalize your company. Subsequently, you need to register the employer identification number to get your business identified in the market, apply for a license, file payroll taxes, and open your business account. In addition, you need to follow all the federal and state laws by paying these employment taxes.

  • Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA)
  • State tax
  • Income tax
  • Social security
  • Medicare expenses

Keep Record of Your Payroll Checks

Having a record of pay stubs for all the employees’ payroll is not only beneficial for the employers but also extremely helpful for the employees. It highlights the salary package of an employer with all the payment details and is formed with a paystub generator to create legal proof; which business owners can then present to legal teams and bank officials when required. Since a business can only function smoothly when providing legal evidence to banks and the government, it’s better to keep all the records in online backup drives protected by licensed software to keep all your proof confidential.

Get a Proper Payroll System

When you start a new business, you want to make sure that it works in the most efficient manner, so that you can eventually take a step forward in expanding it smoothly. To achieve that, it’s advisable to get an official payroll set up to make things easier for you and your employees. To start with, you need to decide whether you need a manual setup with an outsourcing option or a software setup. The software service is considered to be the most convenient and error-free due to its time-saving features and accuracy. To decide on a proper setup though, you need to consider a company’s budget, number of working employees, and professional skills.



You need to understand that it might not be easy to note down all the employees’ working hours and salary estimates while distributing the right amount to each of them. However, you may have no other option, but to carry out all the work efficiently, as the company depends on it, especially if your business is small and has started recently. However, it’s unnecessary to tire yourself in the process when you can always take professional help like using online software or outsource for your payroll system.




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