Three members of metalcore band We Came as Romans have teamed up with Todd Jansen of Assassins, and former Taproot drummer Nick Freddell, to form a new band called Crucible. A press release reports that Crucible was formed because “each member was longing to play something heavier than his primary band could offer, so they created this side project.”

The band has already recorded an EP (you can hear a sample below) that will be released digitally on November 7th. Produced by Nick Sampson, he recently posted on Twitter that it’s the “heaviest music I have ever worked on hands down,” and he’s worked on albums with Miss May I, Born Of Osiris, and Emmure.

We Came as Romans released a self-titled album this past July that debuted at #8 on the charts, and will hit the road tomorrow on the Harddrive Live tour with All That Remains, which runs into early November. After that Crucible is planning a tour for early 2016.

We might be releasing a song this week. Tag your friends to share the news!

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