Twelve Foot Ninja return with new song, launch crowdfunding campaign

Posted by on October 29, 2015

tfnA few years ago, Twelve Foot Ninja emerged from Australia to an unsuspecting world. Combining funk, metal, rock and even disco, Silent Machine and the band’s over the top music videos for songs like “Coming For You” and “Ain’t That a Bitch” were funny, but musical as all hell. SiriusXM airplay followed, as did several tours of the United States, one with Periphery. The band even took home a Revolver Golden God Award for best new artists. It’s about time they came out with something new, right? Today they unleashed a new song, “One Hand Killing,” and it doesn’t disappoint. Like a djenty Faith No More or a less cheesy newer nu-metal song, it’s heavier as anything on their debut album.

Is this the first single from their sophomore album? Well, not exactly. It’s actually a song the band are offering on their own PledgeMusic campaign for the new album. There you’ll be able to preorder the new album, which doesn’t have a name yet and won’t be out until sometime next year. “We wanted to finish a track to give our supporters a taste of the album they’ll be funding! I guess we’ll find out pretty quickly whether they want us to finish it or not!” says guitarist Stevic MacKay. So why are they crowd-funding their next album? Well, crowdfunding worked the last time they tried it. And it seems to be working this time too, since we want to hear more after checking this out.

You can listen to the song here and contribute to the campaign by going here.


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