The psychedelic stoner rock of San Diego’s Earthless sounds like something that should be listened to on an eight-track in a basement, or a conversion van with shag carpeting on the inside and a wizard airbrushed on the outside. It’s been a few years since we’ve gotten a new album from the band, 2013’s From the Ages, and while there’s nothing in particular on the horizon, they have released a new song, “End to End,” that premiered earlier today on Noisey. Scion A/V and Baker Skateboards have teamed up for a five song EP that this track appears on, and it will be available as a free download on January 26th. It’s perfect that the EP is for a skateboard company, as this instrumental jam is perfect for skating an empty pool. At 4:30, it’s a lot shorter than what we’re used to from the band, but it’s a lot of awesome packed into a short running time.

Photo: Camilla Saufley