The New White Widows Is Baby Punching Music; Stream It Now

Posted by on March 5, 2013

The members of newly-formed Brooklyn band White Widows have been lurking around the metal scene for a while now in bands like Primitive Weapons, Goes Cube, The Destro and Grudges. With Primitive Weapons/Sacrament Records/St. Vitus Bar booker David Castillo in the band, it only makes sense that the band be signed to Sacrament Music. And given the band’s lineage and geography, it’s even less surprising that Brooklyn Vegan is streaming the band’s self-titled EP.

What is surprising is how established the band sounds for a debut EP. What Metal Sucks calls “elephant march riffs,” I call “baby punching music.” Not like you’d want to like, punch a baby in the face. More like on the shoulder, as if to say “listen to this shit, it’s much better than the Wiggles. You’ll appreciate this one day.” At any rate, the band’s awesome six track EP is riffy metallic hardcore that gets in and gets out before you realize how much it fucked you up. If you like what you hear, you can pick the EP up now. Check out their (so far limited) tour dates below.

3/09/2013 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Heartless
4/20/2013 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY w/ Black Breath, Mutilation Rites
4/21/2013 O’Reily’s – Philadelphia, PA w/ Black Breath, Mutilation Rites

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