When Chopped chef Chris Santos partnered with Metal Blade Records to form Blacklight Media, he told us that the label formed from his friendship with Metal Blade president Brian Slagel. The two would get together and talk about music, with Santos recommending bands he liked for Slagel to check out. One of those bands was Akron, Ohio instrumental post-rock quintet If These Trees Could Talk. The band was signed last year, and Metal Blade re-released their first two albums, 2009’s  Above the Earth, Below the Sky and 2012’s Red Forest.

Today, we’re psyched to premiere “Earth Crawler,” another taste of their forthcoming Metal Bladed debut, The Bones of a Dying World. “Earth Crawler” is gorgeous, sprawling and dynamic, and if you’ve been a fan of the band, you’ll immediately be comfortable with this. For the uninitiated, it’s post-metal in the vein of Russian Circles or Pelican, with the band’s three guitarists creating unique textures while drummer and producer Zack Kelly and bassist Tom Fihe lay down a propulsive rhythm.

The Bones of a Dying World will be released on June 3rd on Metal Blade. It can be pre-ordered here.