Producer Jason Suecof Shows His “Balls”

Posted by on June 23, 2009

Are you familiar with the bands Shadows Balls and Dill Pino? That’s likely because they don’t exist – or rather exist mainly in the twisted mind of producer Jason Suecof. Our buddies at Noisecreep recently interviewed the knob-turner, who has albums by Trivium, Bury Your Dead and Chimaira, among others, under his belt. The aformentioned band names are the titles of joke songs written in the style of Shadows Fall and Ill Nino, respectively, and were recorded five years ago before his career shot into the stratosphere.

“I wasn’t really working back then. I had no work, so I’d sit around and make joke metal songs. When you’re working so much, like I am now, you don’t want to go into the studio and make joke records. I need a few months off, and then maybe I could make some music. I haven’t had an actual vacation, where I left my house and went somewhere, since 2006.”

While he has no plans to actually release a full album of the parodies, he was kind enough to post his “tribute” to Shadows Fall at Noisecreep. Check it out here.

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