Oh Hey, It’s Another New Alice In Chains Song

Posted by on March 26, 2013


Yesterday, Alice In Chains’ new single, “Stone,” blew us away with it’s ridiculous riffage. It went out to radio everywhere yesterday. Meanwhile, back in the band’s home town of Seattle, rock station KISW played another new song, “Phantom Limb.” Much like “Hollow,” this is a mid-tempo sludgy, riffy song that’s undeniably Alice In Chains. William DuVall channels his best Layne Staley, while over the course of nearly seven minutes, Jerry Cantrell’s guitars and signature fifth-step vocals fill the song out. Three songs down and a big win so far for The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which will be released on May 28. Check this out before it’s yanked offline.

[via Spin]

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