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Posted by on September 23, 2014

If you pay attention to music news at all, you know that next week is going to be huge for new music in the metal world. However, we’re not there yet! Unfortunately, metal fans have to reign in their excitement for just one more week before the carnage ensues. Until then, here are some new releases to keep you satiated for seven days!


Disciple, Attack (Self-released)

Christian rockers Disciple fell off the radar following 2012’s O God Save Us All, and with good reason, as the band once again lost everyone in the lineup save for founding vocalist Kevin Young. However, Young has been undeterred throughout a career of turmoil, and lineup changes certainly were not going to stop him. Gathering a new lineup and initiating a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $115,000 (the goal for recording the album was $45,000), Young has brought Disciple back, and the band sounds better than ever.


Trapt, The Acoustic Collection (Crash Collide)

If you never thought you’d hear Trapt performing their songs acoustically, don’t worry, because you’re not the only one. Nevertheless, the nu-metal hitmakers that brought you “Headstrong”, “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight”, and many other anthems from the early 2000s are releasing some of their greatest hits as part of a brand new acoustic record. If you’re a fan of Trapt, then this should hold you over nicely until their new record, DNA, is done.


Matty Mullins, Matty Mullins (Rise)

When he’s not destroying stages as the lead vocalist of Memphis May Fire, Matty Mullins has a softer side to his music, and it shows through on his debut solo album. Containing very little, if any, metal influence on the whole record, Mullins bares his soul on a record that is full of catchy hard rock and post-hardcore. Mullins clearly likes to deviate from expectations as much as possible, and that shows on his first ever solo album.


Cruel Hand, The Negatives (Hopeless)

Hailing from Portland, Maine, Cruel Hand sounds nothing like what you’d expect to hear from a band from northern New England. With equal parts thrash and hardcore in their sound, Cruel Hand does not compromise the heaviness for one second in their music. The Negatives is the group’s fourth overall full-length and their first for Hopeless Records, following the completion of their deal with Bridge Nine.


Next Week: An overwhelming force of high-quality new albums invades the charts, closing out September in a suitably metal fashion. Come on back to see what’s in store next time!

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