New & Noteworthy, October 2nd: Electronegative

Posted by on October 2, 2012

My friends, as much as I hate to admit it, we’re starting to wind down the calendar for 2012’s new releases. Every year, when we hit the first week of October, I have to mentally adjust myself to that reality. It’s been more difficult this year than it has been in the past, simply because we’ve had week after week of amazing new music throughout the entire calendar year in 2012, even including last week. However, the time has come when we must admit that the holidays are coming, and with them comes a period spanning several weeks when new metal releases are nonexistent.


However, put all of that out of your head for now, because the next two months are going to be crazy! Jam-packed with bands releasing long-awaited new material, October and November will satiate even the most ravenous headbanger! And even though today’s list might not seem all that substantial, there is plenty of good music to explore, so get reading!



Sybreed, God is an Automaton (Listenable)


Switzerland is known for a few things predominantly – cheese, knives, and war neutrality are at the top of the list. Metal is not anywhere close to this list whatsoever, but it should be because of bands like Sybreed. If there is one thing that the Swiss metal scene could teach the world at large, it is the value and satisfaction of perseverance. Sybreed is a perfect example of this – after years of hard work and producing two albums on their own, the industrial metal group got the chance to work with the master of industrial himself, Rhys Fulber, on 2009’s The Pulse of Awakening, an album that was not well received by fans. However, Fulber has returned to work on God is an Automaton, and this time the formula was made right. With many hailing this album as a return to the form of 2007’s Antares, Sybreed is back and finally at the point of achieving the big breakout that they have desperately needed for so long.


Eluveitie, The Early Years (Nuclear Blast)


Normally, an Eluveitie release would top the weekly release list, but there is one big reason why this album is not at the top of the list today. As you probably can guess, The Early Years is essentially a reissue, combining the band’s first EP Vên and their debut album Spirit. And although the songs from Vên are re-recorded for this release, I still count it as a reissue, and you know how reissues leading the column usually goes around here (in case you don’t, the short story is that it doesn’t usually happen unless it’s absolutely necessary). Regardless, though, you should pick this up because it’s the only way you’ll ever get to actually own a release of this material – both Vên and Spirit are out of print and have been for some time now, and all indications are that both albums will remain out of print for the future. As such, The Early Years will display the humble beginnings of Eluveitie in ways that you have never and will never again witness. This reissue must be bought if you’re a fan, as no true fan would ever pass on such a reissue.



Also being released this week:


The Gathering, Disclosure (Psychonaut)


Acaro, The Disease of Fear (Goomba)


The Amity Affliction, Chasing Ghosts (Roadrunner)


Glamour of the Kill, The Summoning (eOne)


Axewound, Vultures (The End)


Jodis, Black Curtain (Hydra Head)


Another Lost Year, Better Days (Thermal)



Next Week: Prog metal and technical metal both get a little crazy with a trio of enormous releases that you won’t want to miss! Be back here in seven days ready to rock!


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