We’ve hit the first big day of new releases in the New Year, and it’s a pretty big one at that. One of the most heavily-hyped albums of the last six months is debuting today, and it’s the first legitimate chance of the year for a metal album to debut at #1 on the charts. A metal debut at #1 this early in the year would set a stunning precedent for the remaining eleven months, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to purchase our top album on this week’s list.

We have other big releases coming this week, including the resurgence of a highly popular gothic metal band, elite releases in both death and black metal, and a live DVD from one of the longest-running metal groups of all time. This absolutely qualifies as an important week for spending!


Lamb of God, Resolution (Epic)

The band is calling Resolution a return to the styles of As the Palaces Burn and Ashes of the Wake. I can agree with that in some ways, but I’m also very excited by the progressive elements of the album, such as more punk influence similar to songs from Wrath, use of orchestral passages on the album’s closing track, and best of all, math metal patterns in the vein of Meshuggah appearing on a few songs. This album deserves to be #1 on the Billboard charts. As one of the biggest metal bands in the world, and following a two-year period where Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Godsmack, Evanescence, and Foo Fighters all scored #1 debuts, it’s high time that a genuine metal band made it to the top spot. Let’s make it happen for the pride and joy of Virginia this week!


Lacuna Coil, Dark Adrenaline (Century Media)

After the production by Don Gilmore so polarized the group’s fans on Shallow Life, many thought that Lacuna Coil should return to their former producer Waldemar Sorychta, and hopefully also to the European style that made them into the international juggernauts they are today. The band did return to Gilmore, but they also returned to their roots, and the result is a record that many are hailing as the strongest album of their career. There are a lot of returns to the classic sound of Comalies, while also featuring the blended sound of Karmacode that was a big hit with US fans. After the disappointment that was Shallow Life, Dark Adrenaline is likely to not only be Lacuna Coil’s bounce back to popularity, but also could push them into even greater prominence, perhaps bringing them to the same level as Evanescence. Longtime fans can pick up the Deluxe Edition with a bonus DVD and some extra  items.


Scorpions, Comeblack (Sony)

The Scorpions are heading into their final year of existence, following the announcement of their retirement in January 2010. Their current tour supporting Sting in the Tail is due to be their last, although they’ll certainly be going out in style, as they’ve already been announced as the headliners for Wacken Open Air Festival in August. Comeblack is a last hurrah compilation for the group, consisting of re-recorded versions of their biggest hits and covers of popular rock songs from the ’60s and ’70s. It’s not the biggest farewell that the group could do, but I imagine that they are saving the real goodbyes for their live performances. Either way, this album will be a great sendoff for one of the longest-running staples in rock ‘n’ roll.


Motörhead, The Wörld is Ours – Vol. 1: Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else (Motörhead Music)

It’s difficult to believe that Motörhead has been active for 35 years, but it’s the truth. At the age of 66, Lemmy still rocks harder than pretty much everyone else. And following last year’s release of The Wörld is Yours, Motörhead’s landmark 20th release, Lemmy took his notoriety and the band’s well-earned reputation for success on the road and around the world. The Wörld is Ours was filmed by Sam Dunn and Banger Films, the brilliant crew responsible for Iron Maiden’s Flight 666 and Rush’s Beyond the Lighted Stage. The 3-disc set includes a multitude of interviews, a plethora of live performance footage from all over the world, and a beautiful photo booklet documenting the tour in all its glory. HD viewers can grab the Blu-ray version of the release as well, if you really want to see how amazing Lemmy’s mutton chops look in the best way.


Also being released this week:

Abigail Williams, Becoming (Candlelight)


Aborted, Global Flatline (Century Media)


Blessed by a Broken Heart, Feel the Power (Tooth & Nail)


Primal Fear, Unbreakable (Frontiers)


Nothnegal, Decadence (Season of Mist)


You Me At Six, Sinners Never Sleep (Astralwerks)


Dodecahedron, Dodecahedron (Season of Mist)


Beyond the Bridge, The Old Man and the Spirit (Frontiers)


Next Week: A number of prominent releases make next week a good follow-up to this week, chief among them one of the longest-running metalcore bands in the country. Things are starting to heat up, so get ready!