New & Noteworthy, November 12: For Your Malice

Posted by on November 12, 2013

LamofgodpalacesA big reissue leads off today’s list, as one of the only major-name bands with new material coming out today. Expect to see similar circumstances going forward, as we draw near to Christmas and the rest of the holiday season. The unknowns are definitely worth your attention this week, though, so don’t skip over those!


Lamb of God, As the Palaces Burn 10th Anniversary Edition (Prosthetic/Razor & Tie)


The original release of As the Palaces Burn came in the midst of America’s recovery from the 9/11 attacks, and the lyrical content reflects those times. Lamb of God created one of the most politically-charged and condemning records of that era, and it fueled the fires of anger and disgust that so many metalheads felt at the time. Josh Wilbur’s remixing and remastering has conserved that atmosphere very well, which should please fans of the original. The DVD that accompanies this release contains a full documentary on the making of the album.


Living Sacrifice, Ghost Thief (Solid State)


Ghost Thief is Living Sacrifice’s eighth album overall and second since reforming in 2008. Living Sacrifice has spent a lot of time on the road since 2010’s The Infinite Order was released. The same groove and thrash that you’re used to hearing from the band is present on this album, along with a good dose of melody that complements the rest of the music in a good way. Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark also makes a guest appearance on opening track “Screwtape”.


Obliteration, Black Death Horizon (Relapse)


This Norwegian death metal group originated from the same town as black metal legends Darkthrone. Obliteration plays brutal death metal with hardcore influences, and will appeal greatly to fans of Aura Noir, Autopsy, and Abscess.


Exivious, Liminal (Season of Mist)


This progressive metal group is completely instrumental, incorporating elements of jazz-fusion and post-rock into its sound. It’s also a supergroup of sorts, featuring current and former members of Cynic, Dodecahedron, and Pestilence.


Heart of a Coward, Severance (Century Media)


Heart of a Coward is a metalcore group from the UK that features Jamie Graham, best known as the former singer for Sylosis. The group also added former Enter Shikari drummer Chris “Noddy” Mansbridge back in 2011. Heart of a Coward likes to mix in elements of math metal and djent to their sound, which should appeal to fans of bands like Volumes, Your Memorial, and Within the Ruins.


Cronian, Erathems (Season of Mist)


Having collaborated as members of Borknagar since 2000, Øystein G. Brun and Andreas Hedlund (better known as Vintersorg) formed Cronian in 2004. The project is symphonic in nature and utilizes a lot of programming effects to achieve its massive, cold sound.


Demonical, Darkness Unbound (Metal Blade)


Formed in 2006 by former members of Centinex, Demonical was formed with the goal of playing old-school death metal and packing as much ferocity and darkness into the music as possible. Darkness Unbound is the group’s fourth full-length album.



Next Week: The second album of 2013 from one of America’s metal heavyweights tops the charts. Come back next week and see who it is!

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