With some big-name metal releases making huge splashes in recent weeks, headbangers are making sure that everyone knows the release calendar isn’t closed yet. This week has another household name releasing an important album, along with several notable underground releases looking to make an impact. Check it out right here!


Machine Head, Bloodstone & Diamonds (Nuclear Blast)

After two straight albums loaded with eight- and ten-minute songs, Machine Head opted for shorter songs with more bite on their eighth album. It certainly seems to be paying off, as the stream of the album that finally came up last week has people calling this an even better album than 2011’s Unto the Locust. Also, Machine Head has announced a new tour to replace their previously-cancelled trek with Children of Bodom, Epica, and Battlecross. This new tour will not feature any support acts, which will surely please the Machine Head faithful that want to see the band perform a multi-hour set.


Job for a Cowboy, Sun Eater (Metal Blade)

There are some that claim Job for a Cowboy should have stuck to deathcore and that their sound has suffered since moving away from the oft-maligned genre. However, many believe that the band’s best output came after their sound change, and Sun Eater is sure to please those with that opinion. Packed with classic death metal riffs and an eye for technicality that few bands attempt, the fourth album from the Arizona-based group has got plenty to like and plenty to be surprised by.


Carcass, Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel (Nuclear Blast)

Just as the name would suggest, this five-track EP contains all of the B-sides and rarities that were recorded last year during the sessions for Carcass’ comeback album, Surgical Steel. Some of these are already easily acquired via bonus editions or digital outlets, but the tracks that were only ever released in overseas markets have been hard to find for the group’s American fans until now. It’s a win-win for everyone, as the band is likely to make plenty from the sale of this EP, while fans will get all of the bonus Carcass that they ever wanted.


Within Temptation, Enter & The Dance (Nuclear Blast)

Many fans consider 2000’s Mother Earth to be the beginning of Within Temptation’s career proper, but there was plenty that took place before that album was released. Fans will now have a chance to explore the past with this re-issue of Within Temptation’s true career origins, debut album Enter and follow-up EP The Dance packaged together as one release. With remastered audio and modernized production, these two releases sound just as fresh and new as the band’s latest album, Hydra.


Project 86, Knives to the Future (Independent)

Album number nine from the Christian alt-metal veterans was crowd-funded entirely, with the band raising close to $90,000 off of a $50,000 goal. This marks the second straight album for Project 86 that was crowd-funded, meaning that the band could potentially fund all of their future releases in this manner. However, once again, the band behind vocalist Andrew Schwab has changed entirely, with no other musicians staying on following 2012’s Wait for the Siren.


Ne Obliviscaris, Citadel (Season of Mist)

The Australian prog group made a big impact with their debut, Portal of I, in 2012, but they lacked the ability to tour and support it in any large way. However, the strength of the album was enough to get them signed to Season of Mist, which should help make touring easier. The band also did a crowdfunding campaign to support worldwide touring earlier this year, raising for than double their goal. So it’s safe to assume that Ne Obliviscaris should be appearing in a town near you soon.


Old Man Gloom, The Ape of God I and The Ape of God II (Profound Lore)

What do you do when you want to troll music pirates? You send a fake album to press while recording two real ones, and then announce the switch just before the release of the two real albums! Confused yet? So were we. However, that doesn’t change how awesome these two albums are. Once you’ve figured out what the real albums are, go out and buy them. If nothing else, it will stop Old Man Gloom from messing with you.


Devilment, The Great and Secret Show (Nuclear Blast)

Devilment is the new gothic metal project from Dani Filth, best known as the face of extreme metal legends Cradle of Filth. Adding elements of symphonic and black metal to a basic goth metal framework, Devilment has much less in common with Cradle of Filth than it does with a band like Volbeat. If you’re looking for something that features Dani Filth’s signature vocals in a different setting than you’re used to, then Devilment will fit the bill perfectly.


Spiders, Shake Electric (Spinefarm)

This Swedish group used to be little more than your average metal-blending garage rock band, but they’ve evolved their sound to include so much more. With elements of legendary classic rock like Heart and David Bowie now being blended into the mix, Spiders has become a much greater force to be reckoned with. It’s a far cry from what you’d expect out of the group’s hometown of Gothenburg, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. And hey, if a band like Kvelertak likes Spiders enough to have them as an opening act on tour, then they must have something good going on.