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I’ll be honest – I’ve been waiting for the day when I could use that song title as part of an article title. This week, I can cross that off my list. The new releases are led off by an album nearly two decades in the making, and I can assure you that I’m not the only one saying that it’s about time. Read on, friends!


Refused, Freedom (Epitaph)

Seventeen years ago, the world of punk was forever changed when it heard sixty-five seconds of guitar riffing and electronic noise, followed by Dennis Lyxzén’s immortal question: “Can I scream?” Just like that, Refused broke out of obscurity and onto the scene, and just as quickly, they decided to break up. However, Refused is back now with the long-awaited follow-up to their masterpiece, The Shape of Punk to ComeFreedom is the band’s fourth album, and it will surely be a must-buy for the fans that have waited so long for new music from the inspirational Swedish group.


August Burns Red, Found in Far Away Places (Fearless)

August Burns Red shocked the metal community last year when they left longtime home Solid State and signed with Fearless Records. However, it now seems clear that the Pennsylvania-based group wants to be in control of their own destiny as they move further into their career. Thus, we have arrived at Found in Far Away Places, the band’s seventh album and another surefire success.


Thy Art is Murder, Holy War (Nuclear Blast)

Nonstop touring seems to be the lifestyle of Thy Art is Murder, so it makes sense that the recording sessions for Holy War were kept in secrecy until they were done and the band was ready to get back on the road. The Australian deathcore group’s third album is already making waves with fans, especially those getting to see songs live while Thy Art is Murder takes part in this year’s Mayhem Festival.


Jungle Rot, Order Shall Prevail (Victory)

Another band taking part in the Mayhem Festival, Jungle Rot is an untold success story in the world of metal. These guys slogged their way from obscurity into wider recognition, having been a band for over two decades but only breaking out with their past couple of albums. Order Shall Prevail is the group’s eighth album, and it contains some of their most potent material to date.


Straight Line Stitch, Transparency (Pavement)

We haven’t seen a new album from Straight Line Stitch since 2011, but the band has not been idle. Vocalist Alexis Brown has issues multiple assurances on social media that a new album is in the works, and in the interim, the band will release EP’s to keep the music going. A self-titled EP was released last year, and this year we get Transparency, which hits hard and reminds us that even harder hits are coming when a new full-length appears.


Wilson, Right to Rise (Razor & Tie)

Wilson exploded onto the scene with their debut Full Blast Fuckery in 2013, and ever since, they’ve been riding high and finding success at every turn. Right to Rise is described by lead singer Chad Nicefield as a working man’s album, saying that it’s for “the people that wake up everyday with one thing on their mind, to survive.” Right to Rise is both fun and honest, and it’s going to propel Wilson even further along in the world of hard rock.


Dew-Scented, Intermination (Prosthetic)

The German death-thrash group has never moved too far away from their signature sound, and Intermination is no different. The band’s tenth album delivers another round of riff-loaded concrete slabs that will hit you in the face and leave you senseless. If you’re looking for an album that’s a good soundtrack for violent action, then you can’t go wrong with Intermination.


Demon Lung, A Dracula (Candlelight)

Chip has been singing the praises of Demon Lung over on Dissident Aggression for quite some time now. He gave a preview description of A Dracula about a month ago, and if you want a detailed idea of what this album is about, go read Dissident Aggression for the full picture. The short form version is this: if you want doom metal, then A Dracula is the album you need to buy this week, no exception.


Mutoid Man, Bleeder (Sargent House)

In case you haven’t realized it yet, everyone over here at Metal Insider loves Mutoid Man. What’s not to love, honestly? Converge’s Ben Koller and Cave In’s Steve Brodsky came together, made a band, and somehow combined the best parts of both groups to form an unstoppable musical engine that will melt your eardrums and leave you speechless. Yes, it is that good, and yes, you absolutely do need to hear it to believe it. Luckily for everyone, the album is streaming in its entirety here, so now you can listen and understand.

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