New and Noteworthy, July 29th: Cage the beast

Posted by on July 29, 2014

adelitaswayThe end of July brings a much shorter release list than usual, before we head into a busy August. Read up and enjoy the new music!



Adelitas Way, Stuck (Virgin)


Adelitas Way has been on the steady rise for some time now, and their nonstop touring has yielded great results. 2011’s Home School Valedictorian premiered at #66 on the Billboard charts and produced four high-quality singles. The band has gone through some lineup changes in the past year, losing rhythm guitarist Keith Wallen and bassist Derek Johnston. Johnston has been replaced by Taking Dawn/Devils Run bassist Andrew Cushing, but no replacement has yet been announced for Wallen.


Sever the Drama, Chasing Shadows (Self-released)


Sever the Drama offers a heaping helping of everything you want to hear in a good metal band with each song. A combination of intricate, snaking guitar groove with meathook-heavy riffage, brought together via clean rock choruses with a hardcore bite, make Chasing Shadows one hell of an interesting listen. The band has a song called “Wilson Phillips Anselmo” on this album, and if that’s not enough to get you interested, I don’t know what will.


Demonic Resurrection, The Demon King (Candlelight)


India is not a country that has produced a great many metal bands, but Demonic Resurrection is one that we’re glad to say exists. This blackened death metal group has been around since 2000, and managed to release two successful albums in their first five years of existence, despite a highly unstable lineup. Their third album The Return to Darkness was the first to see release outside of India, and The Demon King follows suit, premiering in Europe, the UK, and the US through Candlelight.


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